Trump speech "silly and superficial", Iran's Supreme Leader says

Iran Leader Calls for Closer Cooperation among Asian States

The comments came on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's official website on Wednesday, where Khamenei reiterated his distaste for the agreement.

"The US wishes to tell the Islamic Republic what to do, but the Iranians are an independent nation and Americans can not stand this", Khamenei said. Iran has said it will still comply with the accord, which included Great Britain, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation, but now European companies may have to deal with fresh sanctions on Iran.

Iranians have taken to the streets across the country to vent their anger at the U.S. over its withdrawal from a 2015 nuclear deal and President Donald Trump's incendiary rhetoric against Tehran. But Khamenei sounded dubious about their efforts.

Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, dismantling Barack Obama's signature foreign policy achievement.

"Last night you heard the shallow statements Trump made".

"He had maybe more than 10 lies in his comments". He also said Mr. Trump's remarks threatened both Iran's people and its theocratic government. On behalf of Iranian nation: 'Mr.

"This man will turn to dust and his body will become food for snakes and ants", he added. He also said he will reinstate economic sanctions on Iran.

Describing President Donald Trump's pullout statement as "vulgar and commonplace", Khamenei said, "The US President lied at least 10 times in his statement and threatened both the Iranian nation and the country's political establishment", adding, "On behalf of the Iranian nation, I would like to say, you can not do anything Mr. Trump". Accepting negotiations on its missiles and regional influence would mean Iran had to make endless concessions, he said.

Iran needs to preserve its nuclear program because the country will need 20,000 megawatts of electricity in the next few years, he said.