Trump Would 'Love To Speak' To Mueller Because He's 'Done Nothing Wrong'

ФБР уличили в слежке за адвокатами Трампа

Meanwhile, the president's new lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been making the media rounds this week and unleashing a multitude of controversial statements surrounding the Russian Federation probe. "Because everybody sees it now, and it is a pure witch hunt".

Giuliani released a statement on Friday saying the payment to Daniels was meant to protect Trump's family and "would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not", the Post reports.

On Thursday, Mr Giuliani said he wanted limits for any Mr Trump interview with Mueller.

The command of detail and breadth of knowledge required by Trump would necessitate days' worth of meetings.

Both Cobb and John Dowd, who quit the president's legal team in March, were reportedly displeased that Trump was not following their advice in the case, especially with his repeated attacks on Mueller. They probably know the special counsel's office wouldn't agree. Nobody wants to speak more than me.

The latest upheaval of the president's legal team comes as Trump has adopted an increasingly hostile posture toward the special counsel, whose investigation has expanded into an examination of whether Trump obstructed justice by seeking to shut down the probe.

That could mean the Justice Department's investigation phase of the Russian Federation imbroglio might be over in a matter of weeks.

"You have a group of investigators that are all Democrats", Trump said of Mueller and his team.

It was unclear what Trump meant by "get involved".

Trump conceivably could challenge a subpoena for his testimony.

That might require a battle in court that could stretch for months or more, winding up ultimately in the Supreme Court. McGahn has been reluctant to set an exit date, even as he has acknowledged to friends that he could leave the White House at some point this year.

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Or Trump could invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to give evidence that would require he incriminate himself.

That doesn't mean they might not try it. It's time for Trump to stop trash-talking and answer them. Their reputations have taken a major hit.

Mueller is a Republican and was appointed by another Republican, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to lead the investigation.

That strategy also would involve political risk and based on the time, temperature and barometric pressure in Washington, D.C., it might be a bridge too far.

Cobb was a strong advocate that the president should sit down with the special counsel, repeatedly counseling cooperation as a way to get the probe wrapped up quickly.

Trump's most loyal supporters stay with him no matter what.

Trump lashed out against the investigation in a familiar fashion Wednesday, saying on Twitter: "There was no Collusion (it is a Hoax) and there is no Obstruction of Justice (that is a setup & trap)". Resistance is the only thing that makes sense.

Cohen made the payment just before the 2016 election to prevent her from going public with claims of an affair with Trump. The question there was, the only possible violation there would be: "Was it a campaign finance violation?" While Mueller may feel it necessary to negotiate the logistics of such an encounter with the White House, neither the president's high office nor his contempt for the investigation entitle him to refuse to cooperate or to insist on unreasonable conditions, such as being permitted to respond to questions in writing.