US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran, Labels Central Bank Head a Terrorist

BREAKING: US sanctions Iran bank chief as a 'global terrorist' who funnels millions to Hezbollah

Together the actions "seek to stifle Iran's ability to abuse the US and regional financial systems", according to Treasury.

According to a release from the Treasury Department, OFAC targeted the governor and a senior official of the Central Bank of Iran, an Iraq-based bank and its chairman, and a Hizballah official.

British, French and German foreign ministers met in Brussels on Tuesday to see how they can save the nuclear deal without the United States, but appeared hard-pressed over how their companies could continue doing business with Iran once Washington begins to reimpose sanctions. Washington is also unhappy with Tehran's support of organizations such as Hezbollah.

"These actions build upon President Trump's May 8 decision to cease the United States' participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and begin reimposing U.S. sanctions that had been lifted under the JCPOA, including against the Central Bank of Iran", Tuesday's statement said. Trump called the deal unfair and doubted that it would limit the nuclear ambitions of Tehran.

"The United States will not permit Iran's increasingly brazen abuse of the worldwide financial system".

The U.S. also said it is imposing so-called secondary sanctions on Seif, meaning anyone who does business with him could be cut off from the U.S. financial system.

The U.S. also sanctioned a Hezbollah official, Muhammad Qasir, whom the Treasury Department accused of working with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force to transfer funds to the Lebanese militant group.

Iran has promised to ramp up its nuclear program if the deal collapses, though many feel as though the deal has done little to diminish Iran's nuclear efforts anyway. Analysts say it signals a United States intent to ramp up pressure on Iran. He's being named a "specially designated global terrorist". USA officials were reaching out Tuesday to central banks in other countries in the Middle East and Europe to inform them of the sanctions and encourage them to immediately freeze assets the bank has overseas. Most lately, the USA has been involved concerning the position that Hezbollah fighters are taking part in in Syria to assist prop up President Bashar Assad. These are part of a Trump administration Treasury campaign against the IRGC. Hezbollah fought a battle with Israel in 2006, and Israeli officers have been deeply involved concerning the prospect of one other confrontation. Earlier this yr, the Trump administration slapped sanctions on the deputy governor of Russia's central financial institution, Alexander Torshin.