Whitney documentary claims late singer was abused by cousin Dee Dee Warwick

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The movie was directed by Swedish filmmaker Kevin Macdonald, who learned that as children, Whitney and her brother Gary Houston were molested by their cousin Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne Warwick's sister. Jones noted that Houston's alleged molestation had a lasting effect on her life. "And she was the person who really intrigued me, and made me think, 'Oh, maybe there is a really interesting film here.' Which is kind of a mystery story, I suppose, because what Nicole said to me was, 'I knew her probably as well as anybody for 25 years", said Macdonald.

Macdonald tried to reach out to Houston's family initially about the possibility that she had been abused after watching old footage of the late singer. "A predator is a predator is a predator.' If Cissy had known, she would have done something about it, because Cissy loves her children'".

Her half-brother Gary Garland-Houston corroborated the account and said he was also sexually assaulted by the younger sister of soul legend Dionne Warwick.

Houston died in 2012 at age 48 after accidentally drowning in a bathtub.

Dee Dee Warwick was the niece of Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston. Whereas the teaser gave us an ebullient Whitney Houston rehearsing with backup dancers and showcasing her trademark vocals, the trailer gets into the meat of the documentary with emotional recollections of the late singer.

Whitney will hit theaters on July 6. The trailer for the documentary style film Whitney is a collection of candid recollections and private moments, carried along by her friends and family members, including Bobby Brown, Gary Garland, and Clive Davis. In his interview clip, Reid says, "I never knew there was any addiction". He told me that he was abused by a woman in the family, and Pat Houston told me that, yes, Whitney had said to her, "This is what happened".

If, like us, you were wondering what Houston's ex-husband, Roxbury-bred R&B singer Bobby Brown, has to say in the film, the answer's not much.

A tragic new story has emerged about Whitney Houston's childhood.

"Paula Abdul ain't s**t", she says of the choreographer turned recording artist. When you hear Mary Jones talking about it at the end, the shame that Whitney had about it, the fact that she couldn't take to her own mother about it...

In this April 25, 2010 file photo, singer Whitney Houston performs at the o2 in London as part of her European tour.

Macdonald continued: 'She seemed kind of asexual in a unusual way. She's this lovely woman but she's very closed in her demeanor.

Houston never told her mother Cissy, out of fear of the repercussions. "I'd watched her a lot".

Dee Dee died at the age of 63 in 2008. They offer a rare glimpse into Whitney's upbringing, with Whitney herself pointing to the pressure she felt to be great in a family of singers.