Afghan Taliban call for ceasefire during Eid

Afghan security personnel arrives at the site of suicide attack in the city of Jalalabad east of Kabul Afghanistan Monday

But it added that "if the mujahideen are attacked we will strongly defend (ourselves)". Family visits should also be arranged for remaining prisoners, it said. "But our announcement is unrelated to the Kabul administration's".

The Taliban's cease-fire is expected to run from June 12 to June 14, while the government's will last until around June 20. "Meanwhile, the Afghan government and the Americans must work on a long-term peace deal in Afghanistan, which is only possible if they sit across the Taliban and negotiate directly", he added.

"The government of Afghanistan is hopeful that this process will become a long term process and will result in a sustainable peace", Chakhansuri added.

For the festival, Taliban fighters "are instructed to stop their offensive operations against domestic opposition", the militant group's statement said, referring to Afghan forces.

He said a ceasefire and a release of prisoners were among options, including new elections involving the militants and a constitutional review, in a pact with the Taliban to end a conflict that killed or wounded more than 10,000 civilians a year ago alone.

The Taliban had denounced the gathering, insisting its fight against what it considers are foreign invaders was justified. It instead urged the clerics to side with it against the "occupation".

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has led worldwide security efforts in Afghanistan since 2003.

Afghan commandos backed by USA special forces and air support are tackling IS and al Qaeda fighters who hold pockets of territory in the northern and eastern provinces of Kunar, Nangarhar and Jowzjan.

The conflict has been at a stalemate for several years, and NATO's best chances of leaving lie in the Taliban agreeing to peace talks and eventually joining the government.

The Trump administration has increased the number of US troops in Afghanistan in an effort to give local forces, which continue to struggle despite more than a decade and a half of outside support, a battlefield advantage.

As many as 30,000 Afghan police officers fighting a bloody war against the Taliban have been denied their modest salaries for months, officials said on Wednesday, as the American-led coalition funding the force holds back their pay out of fear that much of it is going into the hands of corrupt leaders.

"This will continue and in fact will be intensified during the period of ceasefire", General John Nicholson, who commands United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan, told reporters. Mattis spoke to reporters during a break in a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defense ministers meeting. However, it insisted that attacks on foreign forces should continue.

Some diplomats said it came as a bit of a surprise, showing that at one level the government wanted intensified air strikes, but on another it was offering an olive branch.

According to local news reports, at least two dozen members of Afghan security forces were killed in Taliban attacks on Friday and Saturday.

Temori said seven others were wounded in Qala-e Zal district.

Four people were killed and five wounded by unidentified gunmen in a separate attack on a lawmaker's Nangarhar home on Friday.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mojahid claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement to media.

Ghani proposed a ceasefire and a release of prisoners among a range of options including new elections involving the armed group, and a constitutional review in a pact with the Taliban to end a conflict that previous year alone killed or wounded more than 10,000 Afghan civilians.