Apple releases first public beta of iOS 12

Apple releases first public beta for iOS 12. Here’s how to get

You can learn how to do this at Apple's Beta Software Program site. Be sure to backup the data before you install the beta version.

When we tried downloading it on our iPhone 7 Plus, the update is about 2.5GB in size.

The advent of technology OCR on iOS devices is not yet disclosed, but there is a chance that people will see its implementation in the next 5 years. You can create characters that have your own appearance, choose the skin colour, hairstyle, and also use accessories for your Memoji.

Want to spend the summer testing out some software bugs?

Just to recall, Apple gave a preview of iOS 12, the next operating system for iPhones and iPads, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose earlier this month.

No official release date for the final version has been announced as yet.

Just be clear that the public beta of iOS 12 isn't finished and could be loaded with bugs. That's much longer than your standard iOS update.

After being taken to the website login in with your details and then click the Download Profile button to install relevant profile for your device. Even so, we can't in good conscience recommend that you download the Public Beta on your daily iPhone or iPad.

You can enroll in the Apple Developer Program for a price of $99.

Battery life. This is the big one. You can then share Memojis in an iMessage or use them in a FaceTime video call from your iPhone X. I still wish Apple would add one more missing feature: the ability to play back recordings at faster (or slower) speeds. It's not about the iOS users, but every user who surfs the net through the different platform is facing the same problem.

Something will go wrong, and you'll wish you could revert to iOS 11. There are many such glitches in beta software. Everything appears to be functioning like it did on iOS 11.

Cellular data is also working normally. The complete version will be released this fall.

At this point, app performance is too unpredictable. Also, the device is not optimized for the larger iPad Pros or the iPhone X. The app continues to exist alongside its counterpart the Apple TV remote app.

This is where iOS 12 beta truly excels.

In any case, iOS 12 does bring a whole suite of improvements. The supported devices are iPhone 5s and above and iPad mini and above. Step #5After the beta has been downloaded, your device will reboot.