Check out ten minutes of Capcom's Resident Evil 2 right here

Resident Evil 2 Game Remake Arriving in January 2019

Do you think that it'll mesh with the survival horror gameplay that Capcom is going for or will it turn out to be an imperfect way to modernize a horror game classic like Resident Evil 2?

Per Capcom, the remake of the classic video game will be released on January 25, 2019. It just holds its decayed dignity so well.

After years in development, Capcom finally pulled the curtain back on the Resident Evil 2 remake at E3 2018. No sign of that prick reporter with the ponytail though.

Even moreso than the first Resident Evil remake, Capcom's upcoming reimagining of Resident Evil 2 feels like a truly new game.

Some may be anxious that the over-the-shoulder camera may make the game feel too different to the original Resident Evil 2, but the trailers indicate that the remake is going to be very faithful to the original. According to CBR, being that it was considered one of the best games in the series, Resident Evil 2 was ported to N64, Sega Dreamcast and PC with some modifications.

The trailer is super-nostalgic and, yet again, we get to see Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy kicking some serious ass.

Some fans have also now compared the map design from Resident Evil 2 Remake to the original game and from the comparison, it appears to be bigger and completely expanded design that adds many new locations and makes some key structural changes. Zombies now react in real time as they take instant visible damage, making every bullet from the player count. In is an over-the-shoulder playstyle that resembles the one seen in Resident Evil 4.

As a huge fan of Resident Evil 7, I was extremely happy to find that RE2 has a almost identical interface and control scheme as Capcom's most recent horror adventure.