Giant acidic steam clouds rise from ocean after lava spill in Hawaii

Kilauea volcano

The homes lost are in addition to at least 117 destroyed and reported by county officials since lava began spilling from cracks in the ground that opened up in a mostly rural district of the Big Island last month.

No injuries were reported in the area, which had previously been evacuated.

There is NO tsunami threat to Hawaii after a 5.5 (preliminary magnitude 5.6) natural disaster reported at 4:32 a.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 in the Summit Region of the Kilauea Volcano, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The molten lava on the island of Hawaii has destroyed what officials said may be hundreds of homes, including a vacation home of the island's mayor, Harry Kim, as a spewing vent has sent a wide, slow-moving river of lava into a residential community and the sea beyond it on the island's east side. Lava has completely filled the nearby Kapoho Bay and inundated much of Vacationland, according to the AP.

The official said aerial surveillance of the area showed only the northern portion of Kapoho Beach and the southernmost "sliver" of Vacationland - the latter consisting of only about a half-dozen homes - were left unscathed.

Following the lava flows that destroyed hundreds of homes in Kapoho, Kim said the county now believes it meets the threshold for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance. The area is primarily home to vacation rentals, but there are a lot of permanent residences there too.

Such a tally would put property losses from the current upheaval of Kilauea, which entered its 34th day on Tuesday, on par with the 215 structures destroyed by lava during all 35 years of the volcano's last eruption cycle, which began in 1983.

"For us it's more of a vacation area, but for those who live there permanently, they're trying to figure out where they're going to be living", he said.

Snyder said it was hard to count homes in that area from the air because of steam produced from lava entering the ocean. One shelter was full Tuesday, officials said.

Kim said he purchased the home in 1971.