Giant snake swallows woman in Indonesia

Villagers launched a search for a woman who went missing on Thursday but were horrified to find a bloated snake upon cutting it open they found the woman's body

The woman, Wa Tiba, went to check on her vegetable garden on Muna Island on Thursday but didn't return.

An Indonesian woman has been cut out of the stomach of a giant python after the snake ate her alive.

The snakes normally feed on smaller mammals.

Reports of humans being killed by pythons are extremely rare.

According to Prof. Harry Greene from Cornell University in NY, who commented on last year's gruesome incident in an interview for USA Today, a large python could kill a human in a matter of minutes, by coiling around their body and asphyxiating its victim.

According to her family, Wa Tiba wanted to check the plantation because wild boars often destroyed the crops, reported.

She found only Tiba's footprints, her flashlight, her machete and slippers. They killed it, and cut it open to find Tiba's remains, video from Tribun News shows.

The python could barely move, an indication it had just eaten. A long bulge midway down its body had a foreboding look to it.

The Chief of local police, Agus Ramos said, "The villagers who were suspicious brought the python back to the village and cut it open".

Numerous villagers jostle to take images and videos of the event.

He parted the snake flesh, and the result was much as it had been on the other island a year earlier.

Faris said the victim's garden, about 1 kilometer (half a mile) from her house, is located in a rocky area with caves and cliffs believed to contain many snakes.

At least, that's what they normally do. Many animals pass through the centre's doors ranging from exotic animals such as snow leopards and elephants, snakes and crocodiles, to the more common such as cats and dogs. A single photo of a snake digesting a pig has been used to falsely claim attacks on humans in China, Africa and across Southeast Asia.