Greitens accepted deal with St. Louis prosecutor to dismiss computer-tampering charge

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to resign following months of scandal

Missouri's Republican-dominated establishment had turned against Mr. Greitens before Tuesday's announcement, saying he needed to resign for the good of the state. They soon expanded to include questions about whether he had violated campaign-finance laws.

Jean Paul Bradshaw II, a former US attorney for western Missouri, said the agreement to drop the case represents a "fair resolution" because Greitens' resignation accomplished "the greatest public benefit" possible.

Gardner said in a statement that the last several months have been hard. A special prosecutor assigned to the case said on Tuesday that her investigation will continue, according to local media.

The accuser's disturbing allegations were detailed in a report by a Special Investigative Committee on Oversight of the Missouri House of Representatives. "Just as I believe Mr. Greitens decision to resign is best for our state, I have to consider the totality of the situation", Gardner said. The woman's attorney released the statement Wednesday afternoon.

The governor on Saturday also called Republican consultant Jeff Roe, who headed Greitens' aggressive public relations campaign, to inform Roe that he had made a decision to resign.

Mike Parson will automatically rise from lieutenant governor to governor on Friday when Greitens steps down.

The woman he had an affair with has told a state house committee that Greitens had restrained, slapped, shoved and threatened her during a series of sexual encounters she said left her crying and afraid.

Several elected officials from both sides of the aisle had called for Greitens to resign.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced that her office has reached a deal to dismiss a felony charge of computer data tampering.

State lawmakers had convened in a special session to hear evidence about Greitens in a process that could have led to his impeachment. The House authorized the legislative investigation a week after the indictment.

Eventually, the scandal also unspooled into a separate case looking into the illegal use of a charity donor list to raise campaign funds. The AP reported that Greitens raised about $2 million from those who had previously given significant amounts to the charity. And, she insisted of the two cases she brought against the governor, "These cases were not pursued at the expense of my office's priorities". A former campaign aide testified that he was duped into taking the fall when the campaign tried to explain how it had gotten the list. She said no deals have been made by her office with Greitens' attorneys.

Had the governor been convicted, she said, it was unlikely that he would be sentenced to prison, given the type of charge he faced and the fact that he would be a first-time offender. She said he did not want to be seen in public with her because he was running for office. McCaskill has already tied Hawley to Greitens in her attacks. "They are going to be everywhere, and then everyone will know what a little whore you are".