‘I May Get Involved’ in Justice Department ‘If It Gets Worse’

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The report looked at how the FBI handled its investigation into Clinton's email practices and whether she mishandled classified information through an unofficial, private email account.

Former Maryland governor and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley - a 2016 presidential candidate - did not escape the agents' wrath. The inspector general's report reveals a previously undisclosed text message written by Strzok that, in Horowitz's estimation, showed a "willingness to take official action" to prevent Trump from becoming president. Some of the listed or excerpted texts aren't attached to a particular author.

The ex-FBI chief had commented on the Justice Department's report earlier, when he said he disagrees with some of its conclusions, but respects the inspector general's work and believes the conclusions are "reasonable".

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on the North Lawn of the White House on Friday in Washington. "Figure they cancel each other out".

The Justice Department's handling of the investigation into Clinton was attacked by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Also criticized in the report was Comey's decision, despite the discouragement of the Justice Department, to reveal to Congress that the FBI was reopening the investigation following the discovery of new emails. Moreover, as we describe in Chapter Nine, in assessing Strzok's decision to prioritize the Russian Federation investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop in October 2016, these text messages led us to conclude that we did not have confidence that Strzok's decision was free from bias.

But the report said there was no evidence "to connect the political views expressed in these messages to the specific investigative decisions" that were the subject of controversy, such as allowing immunity agreements or having fact witnesses sit in on others interviews prior to July 5, 2016.

The inspector general also released a report in April finding that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe lacked candor on four different occasions regarding interactions with the media, including providing information to a news reporter about the FBI's investigation into the foundation created by Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. "Good Instincts. Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!" he added, referring to the current top G-man, who on Thursday said the 500-page report exonerates the bureau from charges of political bias.

When Comey made a decision to notify Congress that the FBI was reopening the Clinton email investigation, he did so without input from Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch or Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

In other words, the whole investigation into Clinton's emails, while it did discover some problematic behavior, was on the basis of conduct that seems to be extremely widespread in government.

The reopening was triggered by emails uncovered in a separate "sexting" investigation into disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

He also criticized Inspector General Michael Horowitz for writing that there wasn't explicit political bias to be found in his investigation.

Specifically, some in the Federal Bureau of Investigation called Trump's supporters "retarded", leading Trump to say his supporters are some of the "greatest" and "hardest-working" people - and that former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey is "scum". "The report also resoundingly demonstrates that there was no prosecutable case against Mrs. Clinton, as we had concluded", he wrote.