Instagram adds option to put music in Stories, but only on iPhones

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While it's not exactly new, as people have been adding music to the background of their stories with Spotify, the app is now making it much easier for users to add music to their stories with their new in-app feature.

The music feature on the app is now only available for IOS, but a version for the Android will be coming soon.

Instagram users in 51 countries can now access a library of potential soundtracks for their videos, containing thousands of songs. We still don't have chronological order, but there's the very exciting fact that the app will no longer inform users if someone screenshots their Stories, which, let's be honest, is a huge development for daily Instagram users everywhere.

There's a few genres and moods to choose from, and a search feature for anything that's not included on the front page. The ability to choose a song before capturing a video is limited to the iOS app at the moment. Once you choose a track, you can then fast-forward or rewind to find the exact part that you want in your Story. Friends and family who view your story will get to hear the song along with the image and the video. This functionality should make it to Android soon.

When you go to post your story, you'll click on the sticker icon where you'll now see an option for music. The announcement mentions that "Instagram Stories is now used by 400 million every day", over twice as many as Snapchat's daily user number. Additionally, the feature is now only in select countries.