Instagram launches its own version of YouTube

Instagram’s “IGTV” video hub for creators launches tomorrow		
	Josh Constine

   	7 hours

Instagram boasts that IGTV will feature videos from creators like Lele Pons, former Vine star King Bach, and Fortnite streamer Ninja, but like YouTube, it'll also allow for anyone to post videos. IGTV is rolling out globally over the next few weeks, and you can find out more about how to use it by visiting the Instagram Help Center. In fact, each video can be up to an hour long.

IGTV is apparently being likened to television, hence the name, in that it will immediately start playing video as soon as it is opened whereas this is not the case in other, similar apps. You will be able to easily share IGTV videos on Facebook, of course.

During its event this afternoon, Instagram brought on stage content creator Lele Pons, who now has more than 25.1 million followers on the platform, to talk about a new cooking show she's planning for IGTV.

Doing this as a separate app, meanwhile, could be an effective way to keep Instagram from feeling cluttered with a combination of photos, short images and animations, and the new, longer, content. This move could significantly increase that amount, making Instagram a destination for watching videos as much as checking up on friends' latest adventures.

The app, which is owned by Facebook, previously stated last September that there were 800 million people using the app. Year on year, it's been adding about 200 million new users.

There will be a standalone IGTV app, as well as an IGTV experience built into the Instagram app, where it can be accessed via a dedicated section.

Instagram just released a new feature that had been rumored for a while: long format videos. At a press demonstration Wednesday, Instagram executives showed video clips featuring wildlife explorers and amateur cooks. Also like TV, IGTV has channels. Enter Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2012, which has always been the more visual platform and is traditionally more successful at courting young users. But Instagram isn't yet doing one thing that YouTube started doing early on: cutting creators in on ad profits. Once you do, you can post videos by clicking on your own profile avatar within IGTV.

Famed Pomeranian Jiffpom can now share videos up to an hour long on IGTV. Smaller accounts will only be given 10-minute video limits, but Instagram did not specify the exact criteria for what qualifies an account for the longer video option.