Iran: US Created Terror to Destabilize Middle East

Bashar Assad

"The US administration wants to continue exerting pressures on the regime", Asharq Al-Awsat quoted Western diplomats as saying. Israel's military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said Israel was retaliating for an attack on its outposts in the strategic Golan Heights plateau. Israel agreed not to attack Syrian regime targets, the report said.

Israel has repeatedly vowed to prevent Iran establishing a permanent presence in Syria and Lebanon and has carried out dozens of air strikes against Iran-backed forces and attempts to smuggle advanced weapons to Hezbollah.

"Russia is somehow embarrassed because talks with the Israelis mainly focus on a plan to remove Iran and its forces from southern Syria", the source added.

On Thursday, Al Jazeera pointed out that the US Treasury had just announced new, human rights-related sanctions targeting the notorious Evin Prison, the paramilitary Ansar-e Hezbollah, the president of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and two developers of communications technology aimed at supplanting the popular Telegram messaging app, that was credited with facilitating mass protests all across Iran in December and January. Israel says Iranians are operating in the area near its border and has called for Moscow to keep Iranian forces and their allies away from the frontier.

Al-Moallem denied reports that an agreement was reached between regional and other powers over the situation of southwestern Syria where the country's Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are located. Nebenzya said: "I can not say if the agreement is already implemented on the ground, but the sides involved in reaching the agreement are pleased with what they achieved".

He said even if the reported agreement was not executed immediately, it would happen in the near future.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu discussed a de-escalation zone in southern Syria with Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman when the two met in Moscow, Reuters with reference to the TASS news agency said.

Liberman thanked Russian Federation for "understanding" Israel's security concerns.

Elsewhere, the Iranian security chief maintained that the factors used by the U.S. as a pretext to withdraw from the nuclear deal, that is, the country's missile program and regional influence, were all elements of power for the Islamic Republic.

"The first one: we started now opening doors for negotiations". He said, today Israel and Russian Federation are engaged in intensive discussions concerning, first of all, the Iranian military presence in Syria, which is "aimed against Israel".

Israel has claimed to have hit Iranian military targets in Syria in recent weeks and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Tel Aviv would not allow Iran to establish any military bases in Syria.

Russian Federation initially declared the inadmissibility of the presence of Iranian and any other foreign forces (including Lebanese "Hezbollah") in the southwest area of de-escalation in Syria, near the border with Israel. It was the most serious confrontation between Israel and Iran to date. These agreements have been reached between Russian Federation, the United States and Jordan.