LeBron James SLAMMED: Cavs star made one monumental error against Warriors

Philadelphia 76ers

"I agree with 'Bron", Curry said at a separate news conference. "The way we handled things past year. we'll stay consistent with that".

"I'm not surprised", James told reporters on Tuesday when asked about Trump this week disinviting the NFL Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles from the White House, according to USA Today.

It would also behoove the Cavs to shoot better from 3-point range, where they've connected on just 19 of 64 attempts against the Warriors in two games.

James, who is participating in the National Basketball Association finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers, said that neither his team nor the Golden State Warriors want an invitation to a similar event celebrating their teams at the White House.

But when Lue confirmed that the Cavaliers did, in fact, have a timeout, James' body appeared to nearly give out in a combination of frustration and anger at the way Cleveland had blown such a golden opportunity to open the Finals with a victory.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he wasn't shocked at Trump's latest sporting snub and said teams look forward to returning to the tradition of White House visits without Trump there.

"That would have helped but more than that, LeBron showed poor leadership there and I'm sure he knows that by now". "I want to be a part of leading that charge and playing an wonderful game and really taking control of the series". They're wonderful. So it will be nice when we can just get back to normal in three years.

Will the Warriors maintain the dominant status quo or will LeBron James' supporting cast finally ease some weight off the superstar's tired shoulders? In a Q. and A. with The Times, Bryant said "I don't understand how, in order to talk about how great LeBron is we need to [expletive] on everybody else". Curry sounded proud of the Eagles players who decided not to go to the White House.

James stated firmly that neither the Cavs nor the Warriors would be accepting any Trump invitation, no matter what the circumstances.

"We've just got to embrace whatever happens and look forward to a insane environment with a team that's desperate", Durant said. LeBron added no one who wins this series wants to go to the White House either.

James said people should not forget the championship season the Eagles had because of the situation with Trump. In response, Trump disinvited the team.

"When you have that attitude on the bench towards a guy who just messed up... remember you've still got to play in overtime".