Man charged with handing out 'anti-gay material' at 2016 Pride Parade

Sonia a transgender and acid attack survivor runs a beauty salon

Many attendees said they view the annual parade as a way to show the nation that the gay community still has a long way to go to gain full acceptance in society.

People participate in the San Francisco Pride Parade in San Francisco, California, on June 25, 2017.

Organizers say as many as 1 million people are expected to turn out for the 48th annual event.

This is the second consecutive year uniformed officers have been excluded from marching in the parade, but police are on hand as the streets are flooded with hordes of spectators.

The rainbow-colored spectacle to honor members of the LGBT community and celebrate strides in LGBT rights is the culmination of a series of events held by the NYC Pride organization.

This year's theme is "Pride Beyond Borders".

Tens of thousands of people waving rainbow flags and hoisting political banners marched and danced on the streets of NY on Sunday in the latest festive edition of the Gay Pride parade that began in Central Park in 1970.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wore a black arm band around her wrist Sunday as a signifier of the "poignant" and "painful" moment the community is facing after the deaths of eight of McArthur's alleged victims.

The march will be both a celebration of the diversity of LGBT culture and a protest against anti-LGBT policies promoted by President Donald Trump, such as Trump's attempt to ban all transgender people from serving in the military. Police need to do a lot of anti-oppression training from grassroots level, and on a consistent basis.

Rapley also said the committee chose Sunday as the date for the parade specifically for this reason, as The City will be less busy, giving participants the opportunity to freely express themselves without the fear of harassment.

"There is so much that needs to be done", Singh said.

"It's okay to be who you are and love who you love and dress how you want to dress and do what you want to do because I think it's so important to be who you are and who you love", she said.

Outgoing and openly gay Premier Kathleen Wynne had a message for Ford.