Melania reappears after 25 days out of public view

Melania Trump Resurfaces After She Went

"This is not what she signed up for".

A spokesperson for Melania Trump said on Tuesday that the first lady would not be attending an event at the White House that is also being boycotted by players for the Philadelphia Eagles. The popular rumor right now is that Melania is done with Washington D.C., and she is planning a permanent move back to her NYC penthouse.

No major media outlets substantiated online conspiracy theories about her absence. She's done a fantastic job as first lady.' Trump said.

And, after reporters started asking about her whereabouts, an odd tweet appeared on her Twitter account that sounded like something President Trump would write. Instead, President Donald Trump insisted that he would hold an event celebrating America.

On Sunday, her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham confirmed that the first lady will not accompany the president to the G7 summit in Canada or the North Korea nuclear summit in Singapore. She spent five days in the hospital, but when she failed to resurface after that, people began to wonder what the hell was going on. She hasn't been seen for 24 days, and public speculation was growing.

Scarborough shot back at Trump for his comments about a possible Melania "facelift" on Wednesday, tweeting, "I agree that it would be "vicious" and "unfair" to lie about a loved one having a facelift for the objective of causing pain and embarrassment". Fox News Channel's Greg Gutfeld recently mocked CNN's Brian Stelter and called him "the nation's hall monitor" after he devoted an entire segment of his show "Reliable Sources" to the First Lady's absence.