Mrs. Trump skipping G7, North Korea summits


The late-night funnyman's quips, however, came on the same day that Mrs. Trump was seen sitting next to her husband President Donald Trump during a solemn White House ceremony in which Gold Star Families were honored.

The first lady said in a written statement after last June's event that these families "are a unique and distinct category of individuals who should be cherished".

Shortly afterwards, she entered Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what the White House described as a benign kidney procedure.

According to CNN White House reporter Jeff Zeleny who offered his account of the remarks, Trump mimicked the media asking, rhetorically, "Where's Melania?".

Mrs. Trump is scheduled to join the president Monday in hosting a reception, closed to the press, for Gold Star families.

"To all those who have lost loved ones in service to our country, our nation grieves with you", her statement said.

Mrs Trump made her worldwide debut as first lady at last year's G7 summit in Italy, and went on to attend the G20 in Germany.

The 48-year-old has not been seen since Thursday, May 10, when she, along with President Donald Trump, welcomed home three Americans who had been held captive by North Korea. However, the first lady's absence made her appearance all the more newsworthy.

Earlier that day, Ms Grisham said the first lady had been working on projects including a picnic and having meetings with staff.

Washington Post reports Melania laughed along with the president.

Although the first lady is returning to public life, Grisham confirmed she will not be attending the G7 Summit or Singapore meeting.

"I'm amazed Mrs. Trump has been able to do it", she told AFP.

People are coming up with conspiracy theories to explain her absence, but the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Friday that Trump is "doing great" after a recent surgery. These range from theories that the first lady had plastic surgery to speculation that she has had enough of political life and fled her marriage.

However, Trump's absence from public view would extend for several more days. "She's confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense".

In essence, she removed herself from public life for almost four whole weeks, making her absence unusual even for the notoriously private person.

Granted, she underwent a routine surgery for a "benign kidney condition" four days later, but after that, promptly disappeared.

Last weekend I wrote that contrary to the silly speculation on social media, the First Lady isn't missing.