No breakfast, IHOB is the International House of Burgers

IHOP Has Changed Its Name to IHOb and You Won't Believe What the B Stands For

After 60 years, the restaurant chain became "IHOb" and the "b" stands for "burgers".

Wendy's is trolling IHOP on Twitter after the pancake house made a decision to become the International House of Burgers.

IHOP is rebranding to International House of Burgers, but ROH wrestler Cheeseburger - a self-proclaimed burger expert - says it was a questionable decision.

After teasing a mysterious new logo with a "b" instead of a "p" online last week, International House of Pancakes announced Monday it was changing its name to International House of Burgers, reported CNN.

The "b", it seems, stands for burgers.

The change is actually to celebrate the restaurant's new line of burgers.

"Don't worry, Pancakers. We still love pancakes".

The hints of a name change had spurred guesses on social media - and some disappointment Monday at the reveal. It revealed a number of new burgers on its menu, calling them "ultimate steakburgers", including a "big brunch" burger that comes topped with an egg. "We've pancaked pancakes for 60 years now so it's the flawless time to start burgerin' burgers".

The chain added seven black angus speciality burgers to the IHOP menu - up from just three standard meat patties.

Many are asking is the name change permanent?

The fast-food chain went even further with this tweet that claimed no matter what, their burgers were still superior to IHOPs.

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"IHOP changed their name to IHOB for BURGERS, Nobody asked for this", one user wrote.

"Dear internet thanks to everyone asking me this but no not every brand is having an identity crisis so I'm gonna stick to Pop-Tarts", their tweet said.

Legendary fried chicken purveyor Church's Chicken posted an Instagram photo that poked fun at the IHOP name change buzz.