Roller Coaster Derails On Daytona Beach Boardwalk

2 fall to ground, 6 others hospitalized after roller coaster derails at Daytona Beach boardwalk

The other two people in that vehicle were left dangling while rescue workers came for them.

Two of the nine people sent to a hospital after a roller coaster derailment in Florida work for the same Kentucky company and were visiting on a business trip. They also say the extent of their injuries wasn't immediately known.

The fire department explained that the front auto came off of its tracks, which was when two of the four passengers plummeted to the floor.

State investigators are examining the cause.

"There's a couple people on the ground and the girl's hanging right now - she says she can't breathe and they can't get her out", another caller said. A local hospital said two were still being treated on Friday, but did not provide details on their conditions.

The incident occurred after a auto was left dangling at an amusement park's Daytona Beach Boardwalk area, Fox 35 Orlando reports.

Two people were left dangling after a rollercoaster derailed in the US.Two others fell more than 10 metres to the ground.

In fact, two of those people were dangling from the front auto when firefighters arrived.

The four passengers in the middle auto and the two in the rear vehicle were unaffected. Jennifer Meale of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said the roller coaster was checked out on the day of the crash.

The Sand Blaster ride does not include an inversion, during which riders are turned upside-down, according to the database. All amusement park rides are legally required to be permitted annually by FDACS and to undergo nondestructive testing for structural integrity, in addition to having annual inspections by professional engineers or qualified inspectors.

The popular Sand Blaster ride is a three-car, sit-down rollercoaster, which opened in August 2013.