Texas man bitten by severed snake head

The severed head of a snake can still be very dangerous a Texas man found out recently

According to KIII-TV, Jennifer Sutcliffe of Corpus Christi said her husband, whose first name was not given, decapitated the snake with a shovel while the couple was doing yard work on Memorial Day weekend.

A decapitated snake head can "live" for up to an hour after being severed.

The man immediately began having seizures, internal bleeding and vision loss.

'He had to have 26 doses'.

"There's about 6,000 to 8,000 snake bites per year in the country [United States of America] and 10 or 12 people die", Halpert said.

She said hospital officials told her he might not survive, even though he received 26 doses of antivenom. Doctors told her husband might not make it, even after giving him vast amounts of antivenom.

More than a week after the incident, the man is reportedly in stable condition, with some weakened kidney function, reports said. Jennifer said she was pulling weeds in her garden when she came across a four-foot western diamondback rattlesnake hiding in the flowers.

He was eventually airlifted to Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital, she said.

If you thought cutting the head off a venomous snake made them safe to handle, think again.

Unlike a tiger, for instance, which kills prey by sinking its teeth into an animal's flesh and holding on, snakes aim to deliver just one, extremely quick bite and then move away from their prey before getting trampled.

Texas is known to have various species of rattlesnakes, six to be precise.

He also encouraged people never to suck out the venom as characters in TV shows and movies often do.

If you are bitten, keep the wound below the heart, immobilize the area, wash the bite area with soap and water, and call 911.