The new Real Madrid coach once preferred Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo

Liverpool-Mohamed Salah

Useless stat to churn out to give a semblance of expertise: Heimar Hallgrimsson combines managing the national team with running a dental surgery clinic in a small town in Iceland.

Both players are appearing at their fourth World Cup finals. Surely, if either Messi or Ronaldo gets his hands on that 18 carat-gold trophy this year, it will be a definite answer to the biggest question in spectator world: who is the greatest of all time. It doesn't matter that Ronaldo never won a Champions League title, or that Pele and Maradona played in a different time and hence significantly different leagues, the rules remain the same: You want to be the GOAT?

Players, coaches and team strategists also have the luxury these days of studying an opponent's style of play to plot strategies on how to nullify strengths and exploit weaknesses through technology and training methods and nutrition have also improved beyond the wildest imaginations of players and sports administrators of old.

Finally, Ronaldo spoke about the favourites for the World Cup. "Messi has a revolver put to his head called the World Cup and if he doesn't win it, he's shot and killed", Sampaoli said.

The Super Eagles came from two goals down to beat the two-time world champions 4-2 in Krasnodar last November. "We'll have to know how to deal with the anxiety". If Messi was a Spanish national he very well would have been on that team, and very well would be a World Cup victor.

Real Madrid has announced its new head coach after, Julen Lopetegui, now the head coach of the Spanish National Team, and it's a decision which could lead to an awkward dynamic in the locker room with star Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh, he's also the all-time leading goal scorer in Argentina history.

The caption then reads, "We're a little used to waiting for the Messi-ah".

"You wouldn't expect Messi to have said that", Arnason said.

Messi became his country's youngest World Cup star in 2006 but Argentina still went out in the quarter-finals to Germany.

Messi is widely thought of as one of the best to ever play football, but there are many who feel that, in order for him to be on that level, he needs to taste FIFA World Cup success, something he so almost did in 2014.

Turning 31 during the group stage, Messi likely has his last good chance to win a World Cup.

Meaningless platitude to spout every now and again: Messi is carrying this Argentina side.

Some have struggled to identify with the player who left for Spain at 13.