The Queen ditches photo of Harry and Meghan from main room

Meghan Markle’s mom reveals her favorite part of the royal wedding

Meghan and Harry are expected to be at Trooping The Colour on Saturday, to mark The Queen's birthday.

The Duchess of Sussex will watch as her husband's grandmother opens both the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the Catalyst Science Discovery center in the northern town of Windes and the Storyhouse Theater in Chester.

That means only Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and their personal staff are known to use the Royal Train, which is said to be the Queen's favourite mode of transportation, according to The Telegraph.

While this might seem standard practice for royal engagements with the Queen, this is actually quite a first.

Ashford Castle is no stranger to Britain's royal family, with the estate's dining room named after Harry's great-great-grandfather King George V.

This isn't the first we've heard of Harry and Meghan's plans to start a family ASAP.

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a lovely fairytale moment after their wedding in 2011, when the Duke and Duchess kissed for the cameras on the balcony. In March 2012, she joined the monarch at the Fortnum and Mason store in London.

Now, "having children is definitely a priority", a source close to the pair told Us Weekly.

The portrait of Harry and Meghan, taken by the couple's wedding photographer Alexi Lubomirski as part of their engagement shoot in December, showed them in a loving embrace and was previously seen on the right side of the fireplace.

Rather than being a snub to the Duchess of Sussex as some are implying, it's more than likely a way of the Queen sharing her love.

The ceremony, held in order to celebrate the Queen's birthday, usually sees nearly all senior members of the royal family in attendance.

Just five years later, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew gave waiting fans what they wanted and puckered up on the royal balcony.

Rumours suggest that the new baby Prince will not attend the weekend's celebrations, as he is still considered to be too young.