WB Developing Spin-Off Movie for Jared Leto’s Joker

Jared Leto’s Joker Is Getting His Own Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

It must be noted that we've reported extensively on the creative process over at Warner Bros. when it comes to their DC movies, and- in a nut shell- it's likely this Joker movie is merely an idea that's in development.

That bodes well for Leto, 46, who was dissatisfied with the Joker's involvement in "Suicide Squad" after many of his scenes were reportedly cut from the film. Some DC fans were into the over the top portrayal with hipster tattoos and gold teeth, while others were completely turned off. It's also not clear what the movie would be about, but it should connect to "Suicide Squad" or the sequel in some way.

Do we need a Joker movie at all, much less two? While the critics responded poorly to Suicide Squad, the film was a huge box office success, raking in $746.8 million worldwide. This is not to mention The Batman which may or may not have Ben Affleck in it, and could easily have the Joker as well, though it looks more likely it'll be the Penguin.

That's probably replaced Gotham City Sirens on the DC slate, which was again going to be a Quinn-centric tale with David Ayer set to direct, but all movies are/were expected to feature the Joker in at least a small capacity. But one thing is for certain: two Joker movies are now being lined up. His partner in crime Margot Robbie is already set to have her own spin-off as Harley Quinn, and there were rumors previously that a Harley and Joker film was also in the works. One movie will be the origin story, while Jared Leto's will focus on the partly established character that we saw glimpses of during Suicide Squad. All six - yes, you read that correctly - six of them.