Wynne hopes Ford changes rules to give Ontario Liberals official party status

Ontario's new premier Doug Ford

"I know Rob is celebrating with us tonight".

The Green Party of Ontario won 2 seats: Guelph and Parry Sound-Muskoka. "There is another generation, and I am passing the torch to that generation", she said.

Premier-designate Doug Ford and his majority Progressive Conservative government could theoretically adjust the cutoff point and allow the Liberals to enjoy the numerous benefits of official party status.

Voters will be casting ballots for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, treasurer, attorney general, insurance commissioner, state board of equalization member, superintendent of public instruction and U.S. Senator.

He also said in a March interview with The Globe and Mail that he was considering eliminating the 15-per-cent tax on foreign buyers in a broad region around Toronto, which premier Kathleen Wynne introduced in April, 2017.

Electioneering, including wearing anything with a campaign slogan on it, is prohibited within 100 feet of the polling place while the polls are open on Election Day.

Almost every Liberal cabinet minister was defeated, including Yasir Naqvi, Charles Sousa, Glenn Thibeault, Steven Del Duca, Kevin Flynn, Eleanor McMahon and Chris Ballard.

In the past that meant those ballots were never counted, she said.

Choking back tears, Wynne said the true joy of the premier's job is breaking free of the "jaded view" some have in politics and seeing first-hand how people are working to make the world better. "My priority is balancing the family budget, making sure people have the services they need and the affordability on things like electricity and childcare and housing". It can also lead down the rabbit hole of intolerance, an outcome Ford needs to avoid at all costs I. As pluralist a province as Ontario.

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He said Mr. Ford talked during the campaign about requiring the Environment Ministry to give an answer on an application within one year, which would bring needed certainty for developers. He insisted an NDP government would inevitably mean reckless spending and higher taxes.

Historically, the turnout for primary elections has varied from 51 percent in the June 7, 2016 presidential primary to 27 percent in the June 3, 2014 gubernatorial primary.

Even before the official campaign got started, newbie Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford wandered into the Greenbelt and stepped into a political bog. "We can't stay here", she said.

"If he wants to throw his weight around, he's going to find that's going to suppress the share price pretty dramatically", Waddell said. For all the good she achieved, her run as leader was plagued by fiscal mayhem - the gas plant cancellation scandal, the eHealth and Ornge air ambulance boondoggles, the contentious sale of Hydro One and the pile of debt facing the province.

Horwath, a mother of one, did labour studies at Hamilton's McMaster University - waitressing to make ends meet.

Horwath sidestepped a question of whether she was disappointed that the NDP did not win government, as some polls suggested was possible, after leading the NDP through three elections.

"Obviously it was a hard night for us", she said of the Liberal loss.

"I think it sends a bad message to voters to remove their local polling places and then make them pay for postage to return them", Alexander said.