Donald and Melania Trump meet Queen Elizabeth for tea at Windsor Castle

President Donald Trump to visit Windsor on UK tour

Trump even characterized U.S. -U.K. ties as a "special relationship" - that is, "the highest level of special" - after spending time with May over the past couple days.

With Mr Trump set to travel to Scotland on Friday evening after meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle, a rally is planned for Glasgow's George Square.

The protests come one day after Trump referenced the unflattering balloon during an explosive interview with British tabloid publication The Sun, saying how Londoners make him feel "unwelcome".

Trump's arrival in the United Kingdom was marked by the release of a wide-ranging and weird interview the president conducted earlier this week with the British tabloid The Sun, in which he went on a tirade against London Mayor Sadiq Khan that was "dripping in racism" and admitted that he was bothered by the mass demonstrations in London and throughout the United Kingdom. You don't see, like, anything embarrassing.

The Queen, who is used to inspecting her guards, appeared to leave him behind before she spurred him into movement again with a swift hand gesture.

Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Friday but the 92-year-old monarch was forced at one point to walk around the us president after he halted abruptly during a ceremonial inspection of the guard.

The U.S. president had earlier praised Queen Elizabeth as a "tremendous woman". "She has got a great and lovely grace about her".

Other protestors waited outside Windsor Castle for the president to arrive.

Nobody likes the queen to be kept waiting, but it looked like that happened for a brief moment when Queen Elizabeth met Donald and Melania Trump at Windsor Castle on Friday. "She is just an incredible woman".

Trump has previously spoken about Prince William's wife Kate and his late mother Diana.

The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration didn't expect the interview to be published so soon and White House officials were left "scrambling" for what to say to May today.

Yep, Trump made a royal faux pas!

"I'm also quite clear that although there has been an increase in violent crime across England and Wales, including London, over the last four years, I don't think the rise in crime is because of immigration".