Golden retriever shields owner from rattlesnake bite while hiking

‘This is what a hero looks like’: Pet dog saves owner from being bit by rattlesnake during hike

Paula Godwin, from Arizona, US, was enjoying a hike with her dogs Todd and Cooper on Friday when she almost stepped on a rattlesnake.

The Anthem, Ariz. woman closed her original Facebook post asking her followers to "please say a little prayer for my sweet hero".

But it was her golden retriever "Todd" to the rescue! "He jumped right in front of my leg [where] I surely would have [been] bit".

"This is what a hero looks like", Godwin wrote, along with a picture of Todd's enlarged nose.

But luckily, he's going to be okay.

Godwin had immediately taken him to an animal hospital following the incident.

"As we were walking down the hill I literally nearly stepped on a rattlesnake".

He leaped in between his owner and the snake that was about to strike.

The six-month old puppy jumped in front of Paula Godwin.

The adult rattlesnake was right by Godwin's foot when Todd bolted by her leg and was bitten.

Hero dog saves owner from a risky snake.

The fundraiser has risen $280 of the $500 goal as of Monday morning.

"Just a thank you to all the support", Godwin later wrote on Facebook. "Donations are not towards Todd's bill but for those in need of help in paying unexpected vet bills". Several users repeated the idea that humans don't deserve the love of a dog, and wished Todd a speedy recovery.