Hurricane Chris is rapidly strengthening, storm east of Cape Hatteras

Forecast track of Tropical Storm Chris as of Tuesday moring. Via

Although there are now no coastal watches or warnings in effect, weather officials warned that Hurricane Chris could potentially produce heavy surf and create life-threatening rip-currents along the East Coast in the coming days.

The storm became more organized Tuesday with a well-defined eye appearing.

"It's going to start raining later on this morning and the intensity's going to pick up this afternoon, and everything should be starting to diminish by midnight anyway, and definitely done by Friday morning", Batten said.

Chris's wind field was expanding.

He said they typically have about 150 people at the combined facilities, with about 90 personnel remaining offshore after the removals.

"The slow stalled nature of the cyclone stirred up the sea and brought up cooler water from deeper parts of the ocean, otherwise known as upwelling", she said.

The disturbance continued to produce showers and thunderstorms from the Bahamas northeastward over the western Atlantic for a few hundred miles, the Hurricane Center said in its 7 p.m. update.

Chris continues to accelerate into the northern open Atlantic away from the US east coast. Please consult products from your local weather office. "The hurricane center is now giving Beryl a 20 percent chance of development within the next two days and a 50 percent chance over the next five days".

"There is still a lot a play here and of course things could change, but whatever the remains of Chris as by this upcoming weekend will be apart of a front that skirts across Scotland".

However, this doesn't mean that the weather conditions in the United Kingdom won't be impacted by Storm Chris, as wet and windy weather conditions are now expected.

The bookies now make it a 7/2 shot that July 2018 goes down in history as the wettest ever.