Netflix testing higher-priced ‘Ultra’ subscription plan

Netflix might be on the verge of launching its most expensive plan ever

The material suggests that Netflix will cut the number of available streams on its Premium plan from four to two.

This is because the changes may mean those paying for the £9.99 Premium tier would no longer be able to view on four screens at once with only Ultra subscribers getting that privilege.

Netflix is becoming increasingly valuable, so it is perhaps not surprising to see the video-streaming companies testing new pricing tiers that could see users ponying up more cash for very high-quality services.

It's emerged that Netflix is testing a new high-end Ultra Tier to a select group of customers in Europe.

This new tier will cost 16.99 Euros (~$20), an increase of 3 Euros (~$6) compared to the Premium tier, without any new additions. The existing plans are: Basic (€7.99), Standard (€10.99) and Premium (€13.99).

"We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time".

The company added that not all subscribers would see the Ultra subscription tier during the test, and it may not be implemented.

Supposed screenshots showing the new plan made it online and it now appears as though they're genuine.

The difference between Ultra and the present Premium tier is subtle. The company is now testing it with select European customers.

If you purchased a new television recently, there's a better-than-good chance that it is a 4K Ultra HD set, as those have become the norm, and not the exception. The last time the streaming service increased its prices was last October, when the Standard and Premium plans were increased by $1 and $2, respectively.

For other people, the change left the number of simultaneous streams the same for each current tier, but Ultra was the only option for those wishing to take advantage of High Dynamic Range (HDR) content-a move those with HDR TVs will argue is even worse.