'Plane Bae' says 'there's still hope' for him and mystery woman

Airplane Love Story Unfolds After A Woman Switched Seats With A Passenger

Holden, who is a model and a former pro soccer player, told the Today Show Friday what he thinks about the woman he sat next to.

Half of the plane couple has been identified at Euan Holden, a fitness instructor and brother of former USA men's national team midfielder Stuart Holden.

Dallas resident, Rosey Blair had Twitter dying with suspense this week as she documented a love connection she had a hand in creating on a plane ride from NY to Dallas.

Switching seats on an airplane can be a tricky situation to maneuver, but for one pair it may have lead to love.

Actress Rosey Blair and her boyfriend Houston Hardaway were flying home to Dallas together, and they asked a woman if she wouldn't mind switching seats so they could sit next to each other. When the woman and her new male seat partner-described by Blair as "hunky"-started to hit it off, Blair breathlessly chronicled the whole thing in an Instagram story more than 40 slides long, which she then posted to Twitter". Both of them appeared to be single, according to Blair, who wrote that there were "no wedding rings in sight".

"Both of them seemed ambitious, open and engaging", said Rosey, who shared the #PlaneBae story in real time, thanks to on-board WiFi.

Other users followed the Twitter thread closely and began replying photos to Blair, confirming to her how invested they were in finding out more details.

When the plane landed, the two went to baggage claim together, with Rosey snapping a picture of them looking very cosy. "She's very attractive, fun, bubbly, natural", Holden added.

Love was in the air on an Alaska Airlines flight from New York City to Dallas Monday.

Holden joked on Twitter that the viral notoriety had earned him the nickname "Plane Bae".