Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone To Be Unveiled Before Galaxy S10

Do note that the Rs 7,990 price tag refers to the 64GB variant of the smaller Galaxy S9

Rumors regarding the Galaxy X have been heating up.

While Samsung's vague statement fails to show performance and profit estimates for each business division, reports claim the firm's smartphone division, in particular its flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones, are to blame for the slowdown. A folding phone can't be easy to make, hence why it's supposed to be playing it safe by only making a limited number of devices.

Samsung originally promised the folding Galaxy X would arrive before the end of 2018, but following a delay rumours expected it to be unveiled sometime in February. In other words, the Galaxy S9 is a Galaxy S8s if you will. The S9 has reportedly sold the lowest of any Galaxy phone since the S3 released back in 2012.

The Korean giant's earnings guidance for Q2 2018 includes expected consolidated sales to be approximately 58 trillion won ($52 billion USD), while the expected consolidated operating profit should be around 14.8 trillion won ($13.25 billion USD).

Revenue likely came in at 58 trillion won ($51 billion), a decrease of almost 5 percent from a year earlier. It is not hard to imagine the reasons why Samsung is expected to experience a awful quarter, because according to analysts, the reason for the drop in profit is lackluster Galaxy S9 sales.

Samsung has been working on the Galaxy S10 for a while now and thanks to the leaks, we know nearly everything about the device. Apple's iPhone X isn't selling as great as Apple expected, but it's still making a boatload of cash for Apple. That's because many iPhone owners will continue to buy iPhone even if it looks exactly like the phone that launched two or three years ago.