'Three Lions' storms to No. 1 in English charts

GETTYThe duo said it was'just about still coming home

He is fortunate enough to have witnessed England's only World Cup triumph to date on home soil 52 years ago and says it is "alright to believe" that all those "years of hurt" could be about to end.

Multiple social media platforms are overflowing with memes, fan made videos, and tweets from England fans, cheering for their favorite team.

'This has been an incredible #WorldCup run and we've enjoyed every minute.

But hey, you can still have some fun with misinformation, such as showing a bunch of English lads how to sing "Three Lions" in Irish.

The track, which is on track to top the United Kingdom singles chart this week, was written by The Lightning Seeds and comedians Frank Skinner and David Baddiel and originally released for the 1996 Euros.

With a player like this leading the line it's hard to argue that England cant go further than anyone expected in this competition.

Plus, if it doesn't come home, how amusing will it be to see them lose after all this excitement? It was later re-released for the 1998 World Cup.

"Three Lions" was written, with a mordant irony only possible in Great Britain, to celebrate the arrival of the European Championship in 1996 to England, the idea being that football would be thereby returning to the place of the modern game's birth.

"It's coming home" makes up the chorus of the 1996 song "Three Lions", by The Lightning Seeds.

'I love football, but I just didn't really want it on my big day.

Speaking after England's resounding 2-0 win, Daniel said that the day had proved to be the most memorable of his life.

David Baddiel, co-writer of the famous song "Three Lions", from which the "football's coming home" hook originates, has admitted as much in this excellent piece published in The Times today.

"I don't know what it is, but sometimes I get a feeling for certain things".