Trump replaces high court's swing vote with conservative

President Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington

The letter criticizes the jurist's record.

Pence said he was confident that the members of both parties, as well as the American people, would come to realize that Kavanaugh "is quite simply the most qualified and the most deserving nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States".

As senators begin the process of vetting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, public disclosure forms show he's not almost as wealthy as numerous justices on the high court.

"I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything I have, and I hope a bipartisan majority will do the same", Schumer said in a statement. "The ramifications of this battle will last a generation or more", he said. If the Senate confirms Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, his addition to the court could shift it further to the right for decades. One feminist group is also demanding an investigation into whether Judge Kavanaugh knew anything about sexual harassment claims against another federal judge for whom he clerked in 1991.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (L) makes brief remarks before meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh (R) in McConnell's office in the US Capitol, in Washington, DC, on July 10, 2018.

"I think the president has done it once again", McConnell told reporters. She recognized her gaffe immediately but did not quite correct it, adding: "And I know - I know, this is on tape, and I should never say that because we don't make law".

In the article Democrats are citing, Kavanaugh wrote that the Supreme Court's conclusion in Clinton v. Jones that presidents are not constitutionally entitled to a deferral of civil suits "may well have been entirely correct".

She watched and snapped photos as Kavanaugh was serving meals to the homeless outside of Catholic Charities in downtown Washington, D.C.

"In employment discrimination claims, Judge Kavanaugh's opinions over the years typically favored the employer", Michael Lotito, a lawyer at Littler, an employer law firm, wrote Monday. "So this is a stunning thing to me that is so shocking that we're going to have to allow this to happen".

"I'm going to vote the way I'm going to vote regardless of what the leader says", said Sen.

That could have been a nod to Senate Judiciary Democrats who said Tuesday that they want to review every piece of paper related to Kavanaugh's public service, including his work in the George W. Bush administration. The others are Republican targets for the confirmation vote who come from Trump-won states where they face re-election this fall.

While Democrats don't likely have the votes to stop the nomination, they're all but guaranteed to do what they can to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation. Now is the time to fight for the freedoms and rights that all Americans deserve, and that's what's at stake with this Supreme Court nomination.

"It's especially a level of concern when he's going to have a feeling of debt and gratitude to the president that just nominated him", Connecticut Sen.