Apple to Launch Latest Batch of Updated iPhones

Apple Looking to Launch iPhone X Plus Successor With 6.5″ Screen (Report)

One will be a new flagship iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED display, making it by far largest iPhone ever made.

The new 5.8-inch device is said to direct succeed the current iPhone X, with a new chipset and camera system.

Indubitably one of the tidbits from as of late's file specializes within the naming blueprint for this year's iPhone models, which appears to be to bear precipitated a little a "naming conundrum" inside of Apple. Sizes range from mid-tier version's 5.8-inch, the most expensive model hosting a 6.8-inch screen, while the LCD model comes with a 6.1 inch. All three phones are going to adopt an iPhone X-style design, with Face ID rather than Touch ID for unlocking, and they'll all feature upgraded internals, though Bloomberg doesn't go into any real detail on specs.

According to rumors, two iPhone models will come with OLED displays, while the cheaper iPhone model will have an LCD display.

Apple has always been rumored to introduce three new iPhones this year, at an event that might take place during the week of September 9. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller declined to comment. Apple stock watchers are starting to worry, however, about Apple's ability to keep growing if it can't budge the number of iPhones sold. Then there's the upgrade to this year's iPhone X, which has been dubbed D32. It is possible that Apple will deliberately delay the cheaper model to get as much out of the release of OLED models. Based on intelligence from supply chain, analysts are confident that three new iPhone models will be launched, though an official announcement is awaited by Apple in early September. Rumors tip all three iPhone models will have a gesture-based control system that Apple launched previous year after replacing the home button.

Whatever names Apple gives the phones and whatever the final products look like, chances are good they will be hits.

Extra confirming old rumors, all three models will bear Face ID, and the two elevated iPhones will bear twin-SIM card slots "in not lower than some areas".

Unfortunately, there's no word for MacBook users whether Apple will provide a replacement for that machine's terrible keyboard or a touchscreen, but that probably means that neither will happen. The feature will make it easier to switch between carriers when country hopping. It's possible that because of the larger screen, this device will cost even more than $999, though prices haven't been announced yet.

A new report from Bloomberg cites sources "familiar with the matter". The 11-inch iPad Pro is apparently the result of thinner bezels in the existing 10.5-inch iPad case.