Brooklyn Nail Salon Workers Attack Woman With Broom

Brooms fly after botched eyebrow job causes brawl

On Monday, people gathered to protest the salon and demanded it be shut down.

A Brooklyn nail salon erupted in violence and chaos on Friday - and it's all because of an eyebrow wax gone wrong.

Fists were flying, and one woman even used a dustpan in the dust-up at the New Red Apple Nails on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

The video was filmed and uploaded to Facebook by one of the customers who was in the salon during the incident.

The protest happened after video was shared on Facebook Friday night showing a group of women in smocks surrounding a woman as a second woman whacks her with a broom.

As Thomas runs out of the salon another can be heard saying "What are you doing", leading to Zhing attacking her as well. "Share this cause the cops made a decision to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them- hitting them like animals". The woman being hit is beaten on the back as she walks out of the salon. Thomas says that she refused to pay for the eyebrow wax, News12 reports.

Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and weapon possession, according to police.

The nail salon closed early Monday due to the protests.

Person asks: What did you do today?Me: my partI started as a one woman show. The young lady paid for her feet/nails but refused to pay for her eyebrows because she was unsatisfied. "They can not survive and we can not feed them", Johnson said in Facebook video capturing the protest. That's when the video shows the women in smocks turn toward two black women huddled against a wall. Customer Christina Thomas was charged with misdemeanor assault and also released on her own recognizance. Thomas declined medical attention, the station reported.

Several broomsticks were left propped against the roll-down gate covering the 888 Happy Red Apple Nails storefront in East Flatbush, and signs taped to it said "Black Dollars Matters!" and "They wicked!"

Police had to escort the salon owners out of the business today as furious community members shouted around them.

"I'm expecting justice, but most of all I'm expecting black people to learn that when these business don't respect you, you don't spend your money with them", one protester, Tionna Smalls, told ABC7 NY.