Cavs Fan Planning Parade for Tristan Thompson After He Punched Draymond Green

2018 NBA Finals- Game Three

"Finally this story is out there and I can say what I've heard about Tristan Thompson punching Draymond Green 2 weeks ago", McIntyre tweeted.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant reportedly broke up the fight, with James leaving the party shortly after.

At least they waited until after the ESPYs.

Or, as according to Bossip, the leader in breaking the story, Thompson "socked him with a two-piece". "To honesty land", one person wrote in response, while another social media user replied, "The land of the faithful and loyal tristan, that's where she wanna go" (via Page Six).

Green and Thompson got into a minor scuffle in the final moments of the Warriors' Game 1 overtime victory after Thompson was ejected. And a punch from Thompson isn't likely to change the way Green operates.

Thompson apparently had enough of Green by the time of the ESPY's after-party, which took place on July 18, and punched the obnoxious Green. Thompson then pointed to the locker room and yelled at Green, perhaps signaling for him to meet him in the back after the game.

"'He tried to shake my hand, I said 'Tristan, we ain't cut the same.' - Draymond on not shaking hands with Tristan Thompson after Game 4".

According to Thompson's source, it was more of a face shove than a true punch. Now it is being reported that Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green actually made peace with one another after the fight, and that they even shook hands before going their separate ways and going about the rest of their night at Delilah.

The Golden State Warriors secured their second straight championship, and third in four seasons a few months ago by sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.