Did Huawei use DSLR to promote Nova 3 sample selfies shots?

Huawei does it again, passes off a professional photo as a selfie from its new phone

Tech giant Huawei is now under fire again as a photo they claimed to be shot by its new flagship phone was in fact taken using a pro camera, reports said.

In the ad (embedded below), a couple takes selfies at a party and at home with the Huawei Nova 3.

"The product images and the contents are provided for reference only".

Like it did with the P9 photos, Huawei never actually stated that its phone was responsible for the selfie used in the Nova 3 commercial.

The camera was positioned in such a way that, had you not seen Elshamy's pictures, you'd have no way of knowing it wasn't a real Nova 3 photo - granted, the pictures were clearly touched up quite a bit (some of them look almost-cartoonish), but not everybody will notice. Pioneering many firsts in the smartphone industry, both the devices feature Full View display and AI enabled quad cameras. According to Engadget, it appears that the manufacturer has been caught in something of a mistruth or at least misrepresentation in its latest ad for the Nova 3 smartphone. Samsung Brazil was recently caught trying to pass off stock photos as pictures taken with the Galaxy A8.

"Still, it'd be nice if Huawei would stick to advertising its phone based on the strength of what it can actually do - which is probably impressive enough, even without fakery - instead of hiding its capabilities behind marketing smoke and mirrors", another tech blog, the Verge, said in its post.

In what was an amusing twist of fate, model Sarah Elshamy posted a behind the scene image on her Instagram of her being captured by a photographer with a DSLR. Or the time when the company used DSLR to take P9 "camera samples". So the two take a photo.

The premium nova 3 will be available to Amazon prime member from August 22, 2018, 12 noon and will go on an open sale on August 23, 2018 starting 1:00 PM.

Is this clever marketing or a deceptive representation of the Nova 3?

HUAWEI nova 3 is enabled with over 200 different scenarios across eight unique categories that include blue skies, beaches, plants, night, stage performances, flowers, rooms and snow.