Kalashnikov CV-1 Electric Car is Ready to Take on Tesla

Move Over Elon Musk's Tesla Kalashnikov Unveils'Electric Supercar

Concern "Kalashnikov" introduced a concept vehicle CV-1, on the basis of which the company plans to create an electric auto that can compete with the world's leading manufacturers.

The most famous name in Russian armaments is taking direct aim at Elon Musk and his Tesla electric auto.

Technically, one could consider the Kalashnikov CV-1 a restomod show auto rather than a concept auto, though the advertised specifications of the electric powertrain tech underneath are competitive with other modern mass-market electric vehicles.

The Russian manufacturer behind the AK-47 has pulled out the big guns - debuting a retro-style electric vehicle in hopes of leaving Elon Musk's Tesla in the dust.

The competition: American electric-car maker Tesla, the Silicon Valley darling headed by Elon Musk that is worth more than $50 billion and remains the world's most famous electric-car maker.

The retro-looking prototype, the CV-1, is based on a 1973 Soviet hatchback, the Izh 2125 Kombi.

Kalashnikov unveiled the CV-1 at the worldwide military expo Army 2018, where more than 1,000 companies display tens of thousands of products and technologies. It states that the CV-1's battery has a capacity of 90 kilowatt-hours, similar to the Audi e-Tron electric crossover, which boasts 249 miles of range to the CV-1's claimed 217 miles (350 kilometers). The company added that is has added a "revolutionary inverter" in the auto that will allow it to cover about 350km in one single charge.

Although the company is known for its iconic weaponry, Kalashnikov has branched into other products, such as iPhone covers, umbrellas and a new 13-foot combat robot named "Little Igor", whose design appears to have been plucked from the Star Wars movie franchise.

The CV-1 hasn't been well received on social media.

It is also noted that on 7 August, the founder of Tesla have published several reports about the possible withdrawal of the company from the stock exchange in his microblog on Twitter.

As it is an initial prototype, details such as the vehicle's price tag have not yet been disclosed.

Kalashnikov's communications director, Sofia Ivanova, told RBC the CV-1 is a direct competitor to America's Tesla, although its specifications tell a different story.