Microsoft officially announces Xbox All Access, an all-in-one Xbox One subscription

Games with Gold September 2018

Microsoft has gone full cellphone with its new Xbox All Access program. The Xbox One S All Access deal will cost $22 while the Xbox One X version will be $35. The service, which was similar to a two-year contract, would offer customers the chance to get an Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass with just one monthly fee. If you don't yet have an Xbox, but are interested in purchasing one, both of these price points represent a discount over purchasing a console outright and paying for these services individually.

You can purchase an Xbox All Access subscription by visiting one of Microsoft's retail stores and applying for a Dell Preferred Account, used to finance the purchase. Where All Access really begins to make sense, however, is with the 0% terms for the two year period. Piecemeal, including the $499 console, you can expect to pay $858.74. In 2012, the company started selling the Xbox 360 with Xbox Live on a two-year contract, with one marketing manager calling the subscription model "pivotal to our business". It's also a boon for developers, as it has the potential bring an even larger player base for Xbox Game Pass. If you shop around or wait until there's an Xbox Live Gold deal, or find a great bundle this holiday season, All Access begins to lose a bit of its luster, that is compared to paying cash. Monthly payments required. Purchase amount divided into 24 substantially equal monthly payments, rounded up to next dollar.

As we mentioned above, the announcement seems to have been pulled from Microsoft's website, but it could originally be found here. For new accounts: Rates range from 19.24% to 29.99% variable APR; Minimum Interest Charge is $2; subject to credit approval.

Xbox All Access will cost either $21.99 or $34.99 per month, and will include a console and passes to two online subscription services.