Nintendo Switch Online Will Launch in the Second Half of September

Nintendo Switch Online Is Coming In Late September But Nintendo Still Won’t Lock In A Date Shannon Grixti

It will allow users to enjoy a classic selection of the NES game with the added online play.

Nintendo's Switch Online service will arrive in second half of September, the company announced. And the service launches in a month!

Nintendo is continuing to trickle out small bits of information about its upcoming paid online service, Nintendo Switch Online, that will compete against Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Save Data Cloud Backup: By using Nintendo Switch Online, a backup of Nintendo Switch save data for most Nintendo Switch games will be stored online for easy access. This includes titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and ARMS. This helps in retrieving the game data if somehow the system gets lost or start the game with a new one.

Additional details, such as an exact date for the service's launch and the other 10 Nintendo Entertainment System games to be included with the subscription, are to be revealed sometime in the next few weeks. The dedicated app for the service is also available to download right now, but it's useless at best and terrible at worst. We knew that the Nintendo Switch Online program would be coming this Summer, but now we have it narrowed down even more for next month. Otherwise, you can pay $19.99 United States dollars for an individual 12-month membership, $7.99 for three months for $3.99 for a month.

So far, Nintendo has yet to drop the actual release date for their Switch online service.