Prosecutors circling Trump's businesses after Cohen plea

National Enquirer kept safe full of potentially damaging stories about Trump: report

Federal prosecutors have granted immunity to the Trump Organization's chief financial officer in an investigation involving U.S. President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The investigation would seek to determine how the Trump Organization accounted for the reimbursement it paid Cohen, the report said, noting that the company labeled the reimbursement as payment for legal fees.

The Trump Organization's finance boss, Allen Weisselberg, has reportedly been granted legal immunity in the probe into Michael Cohen.

Sullivan said she has tried to correct people who accidentally tag them - and even persuaded people to subscribe that way.

It was a bruising week for Trump, with a trio of men who are intimately familiar with his secrets and business dealings now cooperating with prosecutors.

The Manhattan district attorney's office and the Trump Organization did not immediately reply to CNBC's requests for comment.

Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations and other charges on Tuesday.

According to court filings, Cohen in early 2017 submitted an invoice to Weisselberg seeking to be repaid for legal expenses and payments he said he made on Trump's behalf.

"Now we have the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization turning state's evidence", Painter said.

Both women claimed affairs with Mr Trump, which he has denied, and were paid for their silence.

Asked about what he thought of a last-minute order by Trump to catch a flight to Iowa to tend to some business during the campaign, Weisselberg said in one deposition that "it doesn't matter what I thought".

While Pecker is cooperating with federal prosecutors now, American Media previously declined to participate in congressional inquiries.

Democratic forces hoping to nail Trump for alleged Russian Federation collusion are now pinning their hopes on Michael Cohen, who was convicted on eight counts tax fraud.

Through his lawyer, Cohen said collecting contributions through a GoFundMe page set up after his guilty plea this week is the only way to ensure the truth comes out about the president. The White House has dismissed the suit as politically motivated.

"I think the president has to realize that the countdown to impeachment has already started".

A year ago, Trump told The New York Times that Mueller would be crossing a "red line" if he began to look at Trump's and his family's finances unrelated to Russian Federation. It followed days of intense domestic pressure and negative headlines. And Trump's sensitivity to questions about his business extends to his personal income, which he has steadfastly refused to detail by breaking from tradition and shielding his tax returns from public view.

NY state laws could also come into play.

"The only thing I would say to the president is do not do anything rash because Mueller would love for you to fire him, so that you will be impeached", he said.