Seeking Brexit friends, United Kingdom aims to be Africa's top investor

People shop at a market in Abidjan

British Prime Minister Theresa May Tuesday announced plans to increase the U.K.'s investment in Africa after Brexit, as she arrived in South Africa for her first official trip to the continent.

May also visited South Africa, another of the continent's top economies, and her next stop is Kenya.

Britain and Nigeria signed a security and defense agreement during a one-day visit by Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday as Africa's most populous country struggles to defeat Boko Haram extremists and others linked to the Islamic State organization.

The opposition party accused the government of a plot to cover its alleged failures in governance in the last three years.

May, who is being hosted by President Cyril Ramaphosa, was accompanied by about two dozen British business people.

And Mrs May also pledged a "fundamental shift" in aid spending to focus on long-term economic and security challenges rather than short-term poverty reduction.

Britain will use its worldwide aid budget to boost its own interests while also seeking to deepen trade ties with Africa, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday, countering critics who say aid funds would be better spent at home.

Speaking at an assembly, she said: "What I see before me in this hall today is the future of South Africa".

I think it's absolutely right that the government is putting the preparations in place for no deal because we don't know what the outcome of this is going to be.

His comments came as government ministers attempted to step up the pressure on the bloc, warning that it may even delay payments of the Brexit bill, potentially causing havoc for the EU's budget.

However, she denied the United Kingdom had neglected Africa, pointing to visits by Boris Johnson, the former Foreign Secretary.

She repeated comments from the head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that Britain leaving the European Union without a deal "would not be a walk in the park" but that "it would not be the end of the world", Sky said.

"I also welcome your comments on land reform - which I'm sure many investors will be pleased to hear".

The disgraced former defence secretary had previously said that a post-Brexit deal with the European Union would be "the easiest in human history". The UK is well-placed as a country ready to start investing. Someone said she was an alien in a "human suit " What happens "when she really breaks it down?'Many were just there for the reaction gifsOne person advised politicians to never dance..."

"We offer. the important capacity to bring access to capital markets of the City of London, together with professional services expertise", May told reporters at Abuja airport before heading to Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos.