Thieves captured after stashing shark in baby stroller during heist

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Three people have been captured on surveillance video stealing a 0,4-metre horn shark from an aquarium in San Antonio, wrapping it in a wet blanket to disguise it as a baby then then pushing it out of the the building in a pram.

It was safely returned Monday night to the San Antonio Aquarium.

A 38-year-old man has since been arrested, according to KSAT12.

According to Spellman, the men went into a back room and put the shark into a San Antonio Aquarium bucket that had a bleach solution. "They grabbed the shark right out of the tank".

Police said the mastermind of the theft has several marine animals in his home.

According to Fox News, a decision will be made on Tuesday about what charges the thieves will face.

The female shark, named Helen, thankfully survived and was brought back to the aquarium.

A shark was dressed up as a baby, put into a pushchair, and stolen from an aquarium in broad daylight.

One of the men quickly bends over and pulls something from the tank, using a net that aquarium officials said he'd brought with him.

"When we first got the call, we thought it was kind of a hoax, being that it was Shark Week last week", Police Chief Salvaggio, referring to the Discovery Channel's week of shark-related programming, told CNN affiliate KSAT.

He says their home has so many marine animals inside that it nearly seemed like a mock-up of the San Antonio Aquarium.

But three aquarium goers wanted to do more than just touch and feed the relatively harmless Miss Helen, police say. Officers discovered other marine animals in the man's home as well, San Antonio Police Lt. Joseph Salvaggio told the San Antonio Express-News. "Obviously, he likes those types of animals".

Aquarium staff said they were thrilled at the shark's return. He seemingly abandoned the woman and other man seen in the video. Here's what a horn shark looks like, though it is not the shark in question.