Vettel beats Hamilton in Belgian GP as Hartley misses points again

Vettel drove past me like I wasn't there - Hamilton

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said Ferrari were very innovative and he had faith in the governing body to police things.

"It's completely against my racing instinct and we try to be always very neutral to both drivers and we haven't done it yet", he told reporters after Vettel won Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix with Hamilton second.

The Safety Car was deployed and stayed out for four laps, but in the immediate aftermath of the crash Hamilton was passed by Vettel who drafted past on the Kemmel Straight to take the lead. It's not about someone else outperforming us, it's about us finding the clues to understand our underperformance.

"No, we all have trick things on our cars".

Vettel, who was voted Driver of the Day, now trails Hamilton by only 17 points in the drivers' championship as they head to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix on September 2. Sounds familiar? Hamilton held off Vettel all-race long previous year, despite the Mercedes lapping slower.

"Everybody will try to innovate and will try to find additional performance and they are far as I am concerned are doing the right things".

They have got a few trick things going on in the vehicle, so we have got to keep pushing to see if we can catch up'.

"Trick is just something that helps you bring that extra bit of performance, that's all I mean".

Later, the reigning world champion quickly clarified that he wasn't implying that the Italian team was doing anything illegal.

"I wouldn't disagree that this year in terms of power, we are a lot closer than we were last year", said the German.

"You can see the deficits", he continued.

"I hope so. I hope we have more power. There are things they have on the vehicle and we have to try and find out what and improve on that".

Speaking in the aftermath of Sunday's spectacular and crash-hit race, the sport's senior racing official said he and the ruling body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA), were aware of all the performance elements of the Ferrari vehicle that, as Hamilton put it, blew his Mercedes away.

"They have got a few trick things going on in their auto", Hamilton said in defeat.

"I'm quite amused by it, really, because we know quite a lot about the Ferrari auto and there's no way Lewis would know anything about the Ferrari vehicle", Whiting said.

"There's a great group of people who are on top of things, who control each and every team, who are open-minded and this is the case for all the teams".