Bigger, pricier iPhone expected at Apple event

What’s on Your Apple Radar This Week?

The iPhone X, a dramatically redesigned model released last fall, got rid of the home button and introduced facial-recognition technology to unlock the device. A bigger version will be called the iPhone XS Max, which is about the size of the iPhone 8 Plus, though the 6.5-inch screen size is much bigger. The larger model will be called iPhone XS Max.

A low-priced version of the iPhone X, with a 6.1-inch screen, it is expected to attract mass attention.

Apple successfully launched its flagship smartphones of the year at its "Gather Round" iPhone Xs launch event. The phone itself is smaller than an iPhone 8, but it actually has a larger display.

Apple will start taking preorders for Xs and Xs Max Friday, and they will begin shipping a week later on September 21.

Pre-orders for the iPhone Xr begins on October 19, with the phone hitting store shelves on October 26. Like its predecessor, it uses a combination of multiple high-energy processing cores for more intensive tasks, as well as multiple high-efficiency cores for light work like checking email and browsing the web. The remaining four are "efficiency" cores that will help keep background processes running smoothly. The A12 GPU is 50 percent faster than A11 - it can do 5 trillion operations per second. It will come with a faster processor and better cameras.

Moving to the camera, both the iPhones will have two 12-MP cameras one of which will be a telephoto lens and the other will be a wide-angle lens.

The front camera can also be used for Portrait Mode selfies. New tricks include Smart HDR, bokeh effects and the ability to adjust depth of field after having taken a photo.

Today Apple announced new Apple Watches and a handful of new iPhones that all have edge-to-edge, curved displays just like the iPhone X does. Both the bold new color options and the potential "Xc" moniker echo Apple's lower-cost iPhone 5c handset from 2013. There's a single physical SIM as well as an eSIM - and this may not go down well, as support is on a per-supplier basis. With the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, Apple has revealed some of its most expensive phones yet. The XS starts at $999 with 64GB of storage.

Reference to a new Apple Watch, and two new sizes of changeable Watch strap, also appeared in the listings, appearing to confirm rumours of a redesign to the wearable device.

Google is also expected to announce the third generation version of its Pixel smartphone when it holds its own smartphone event in October.

However, industry analysts say new Apple products will come with slight upgrades and they are not expecting revolutionary new features. The iPhone XS claims 30 minutes more life compared to the iPhone X, while the XS Max delivers an hour and a half extra juice.