Bill Cosby Sentenced To State Prison For Sexual Assault

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The disgraced comedian is expected to spend the next three to 10 years of his life at the state-of-the art SCI Phoenix prison in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. He will be allowed phone calls and visitation in accordance with policy, as well as opportunity to exercise during the classification process.

When the prison opened in June, Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel described it as a "21st century institution with advanced security features, environmentally efficient infrastructure and modern work and housing spaces".

The prison's long-term goal is to place Cosby in the general population, officials said. "And she said "yes.' And that meant the world to me", Feden said".

Gloria Allred, who represents several women accusing Cosby of sexual assault, praised the sentence.

Cosby's accusers are expressing zero sympathy for him. While Cosby's survivors shared emotional reactions to the sentencing, his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt delivered one of the most absurd and nonsensical statements to the press.

A member of the prosecution team from Cosby's trials says Constand, the comedian's chief accuser, told her she was happy with his sentence.

"If that's what they've got, it's beyond a Hail Mary", Steele said.

Constand, a former employee with Temple University women's basketball testified at the sentencing hearing for two minutes, but submitted a lengthy victim-impact statement that wasn't read in court.

At his sentencing on Monday, Cosby's defense attorneys anxious that Cosby's age, vision impairment and declining health could make him a target.

Until 2028 at the most, Bill Cosby will be known as inmate No. NN7687.

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden said Wednesday on NBC's "Today" that Constand gave her strength as she went through the hard process of prosecuting Cosby.

According to CNN Judge Steven T. O'Neill sentenced Cosby was convicted in April of "three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004".

"That one is front and center because he didn't rule that way on the initial trial", Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson said. Among other proclamations, Wyatt claimed Cosby's trial was the "most racist and sexist in the history of the United States", comparing the actor to embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and saying both men are victims of a "sex war". Cosby's lawyers deposed the women and Cammarata deposed Cosby's wife, Camille, but Cosby himself got a reprieve while the criminal case loomed.