F-35 fighter jet suffers first crash in United States

Deputies: Military plane crashes in coastal South Carolina

"At approximately 11:45, a 2D Marine Aircraft Wing F-35B impacted near the Broad River in Beaufort County".

News broke on Friday that an F-35 fighter jet crashed in the U.S. state of SC, marking the first accident involving the American military's most advanced and expensive aircraft.

The crash happened about 3 miles west of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Smoke rises at the site of a F-35 jet crash in Beaufort, South Carolina, U.S., September 28, 2018 in this still image obtained from social media.

According to the sheriff's office, the pilot ejected safely and remains in stable condition; the crash also caused no casualties. Martin says this would be the first crash of the USA military's newest and most expensive aircraft. A woman answering the phone at the station could not confirm to the Associated Press a crash and said officials aren't releasing any information at this time.

MCAS Beaufort has one F-35B squadron, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 501.

The F-35 stealth jet has three variants - F-35A, F-35B, and F-35C -designed for the US Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy respectively. The F-35 program, the most expensive weapon in USA military history, has been marred by delays and cost overruns and other mechanical issues.

"The Marine Corps confirmed that it was one of theirs", Bromidge said.

Unit costs vary, but the price tag of F-35s is around $100 million each.

So far, the US military has taken delivery of 245 F-35s, a lot of them to the US Air Force. The Marine version of the aircraft includes a downward facing ducted fan that allows for short takeoffs and vertical landings.