'God must hate me'

Written off According to NBC Los Angeles Beverly Hills police responded to a traffic crash on Doheny Dr and Santa Monica Blvd at approximately 2:42 a.m

Rapper Post Malone was involved in a minor crash early on Friday in California, police said, just weeks after he was on a private jet that was forced to make an emergency landing at a NY airport after two of its tires blew out during takeoff.

Beverly Hills police responded to the wreck at about 2:42 a.m. on Doheny Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. The preliminary investigation revealed no alcohol was involved in the crash.

In the light of his previous bad luck when his private plane ended up needing to make an emergency landing at Stewart Airport in NY the rapper, concluded in a tweet: 'God must hate me lol'. The 23-year-old rapper's assistant was driving, while Post Malone was in the passenger's seat.

Post Malone is getting real existential after his second near death experience this month, and we don't really blame him.

Post Malone's Rolls-Royce did none-the-less pass through city-owned property, flustering a few shrubs and damaging a fence. I don't even know what to say, man.

The pilot meant to reroute the plane to Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachussets, but Peters told Variety that it had then been diverted to Stewart International Airport in NY.

Fans of the facially-tattooed singer flooded the NY airport and cheered when the flight eventually landed after the five-hour ordeal.

The Federal Aviation Administration initially said the plane would be landing at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachusetts before being re-routed to NY.

Malone tweeted after the landing, thanking those who offered prayers. "First nearly a plane, and then nearly a auto".

The pilot circled the Teterboro Airport for about 30 minutes before the jet was diverted so it could burn fuel to make it safer in case the pilot needed to eventually crash land.

Post Malone, a reported passenger on the flight, was travelling from Monday night's MTV Video Music Awards, where he won himself the Song of the Year accolade for "Rockstar".