Google Assistant Is Actually Bilingual Now

Google Assistant Can Now Speak Multiple Languages Interchangeably

The device has constantly picked up new languages, adding Swedish and Dutch over the summer, but it was previously only able to understand one language at a time.

Ask Google Assistant for a sports score via a Google Home smart speaker or an Android phone, and you'll get an answer and see extra info via an overlay on your TV. Keep in mind, though, that Google Assistant is now only able to understand any pair of languages from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. In the end, we broke the problem down into three discrete parts: "Identifying Multiple Languages, Understanding Multiple Languages and Optimizing Multilingual Recognition for Google Assistant users". The tech behind this unbelievable feature is pretty interesting, as explained by Google. So unlike so many high-profile Assistant features, this one isn't regionally locked to the US.

Users can now alternate between two different languages in the same session. So, if you ask the assistant a question, it will automatically know which language you're speaking and can respond accordingly.

In the coming months, the Assistant will work with more home devices in Europe, including the Homematic IP Radiator Thermostate, Netatmo's Smart Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras, Nanoleaf Light Panels and Electrolux's smart ovens. Initially, users will be able to set up any language pair that includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, with more languages and trilingual support in the pipeline.

While Google Assistant already supports several languages, a user now needs to tweak the device's settings for the voice assistant to switch to a different language.

It's worth noting, this is also the first time any digital assistant has explicitly had bilingual support. That's why Google has built the Google Home Max to offer high-fidelity and balanced sound and now it's available in Germany, UK and France-Google Home Max will hit store shelves starting today.

Additionally, the search giant also revealed that it will incorporate Google Assistant into a wide variety of devices, smartphones, and home appliances from its partners in Europe.

Additional custom routines can be programmed using the Google Home app.

I'm looking forward to seeing how well Google Assistant makes use of your TV. In other words, you can speak any pair of languages of the six choices above, but not three.