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The Internet Is Undefeated With These Colin Kaepernick-Inspired Nike Memes

When news broke this week that Colin Kaepernick would become the new face of Nike's Just Do It campaign, many were taken by surprise.

Tiger Woods endorsed Nike's latest "Just Do It" ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick with a message almost as succinct.

The false claim, which originated on an online satire site, began circulating widely after Nike's launch of a new ad campaign featuring former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But the research confirms that, at least for now, the company is suffering no negative repercussions in sales.

'In fact, Nike sales grew 31 per cent from Sunday through Tuesday over Labor Day this year, besting 2017's comparative 17 per cent increase'.

Another said: "I wonder what Colen Kaepernick has sacrificed for his country and people?" People threatened boycotts and posted videos and photos of shoes set on fire, Nike gear thrown in the trash and swoosh logos cut out of products.

Hours before Kaepernick's tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to dig at the National Football League, linking low ratings for Thursday night's opener between Atlanta and Philadelphia - lowest for an opener since 2008 - to players who refuse to stand for the anthem.

The stock fell precipitously by 3 percent Tuesday, which many Kaepernick critics took as a sign that the market was rejecting their political stunt.

The school's partnership with Nike has been criticised by conservatives following the launch of the campaign, with the company contracted to provide sportswear for the school's athletic trams until 2024.

Graham-Potter's response to the Nike ad touched so many people on social media, it had been shared almost 500,000 times on Facebook as of Saturday evening. "I mean, let's put it this way, their name is in the paper and people are talking about it", he said.

But Woods, though he has been a Nike-sponsored athlete since turning professional in 1996, does not appear in the advert.

Tiger Woods says the Nike "Just Do It" ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick is "a attractive spot".

Speaking from the BMW Championship, Woods says Nike is "trying to get out ahead" and "do something special".